Monday, January 18, 2016

Pin Loom artistry and technique at Windswept Mind

For me, one of the delights of the web is the ability to see what other people are doing and weaving.

I have been particularly delighted to see the weaving being done by Sue Burton at Windswept Mind.

I was introduced to this site by a friend who is using Burton's carefully laid out instructions to weave houndstooth squares in linen. This is an example to the right.

She notes, "I learned the houndstooth check pattern from the book 100 Pin Loom Squares by Florencia Campos Correa. Loved the square, but thought her instructions were insufficient, so I’m writing my own–with photos. I took LOTS of photos and I hope they help anyone who wants to learn this stitch."

Ms. Burton has taken the time and care to weave some extraordinary squares and to explain how to get consistent results. I would suggest that you bookmark her site and visit it often as she builds a library of stunning weaves and techniques.

To find the information on weaving techniques, click here or go to the home page and click on the category, "Pin Loom Patterns."

Check out Sue's innovative fix for the Hourglass Pattern as well as illustrations for edging and joining squares

Sue's Zoom Loom friendly patterns are demonstrated on a Weave-It Loom as well as on a Loomette. I especially want to give her props for the use of the Loomette, a really handy and underutilized vintage loom design.

My work has emphasized tabby weaving combined with variable yarns or strong color contrasts. Sue is weaving squares that beg to be turned into scarves, hats, vests and other people friendly wraps.

Thank you for sharing your lovely work with all of us. Check out the site: Windswept Mind; Pin Loom Patterns.

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