Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Mystery of the Hanging Thread

This is a question from a new pin loom weaver.

Hello. I have searched the web for this annoying problem that I have with my 4 In. square loom. I just started weaving these lovely squares but I am doing something wrong because when I pop them off, they all have one side where the yarn is loose, almost looks like a picture hanger wire at the edge. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.

I am so glad that you have written about this. This is a common problem for all or most new pin loom weavers (it happened to me a lot and I have a feeling that there are other people out there nodding, too). What is happening is that you are not completing the weaving, you are leaving either the first row or the last row of weaving (probably the last) unsecured. I have actually managed to leave a loop at each end-- yes, I missed weaving both the first and last rows.

The problem is that it can be difficult to figure out exactly where to start weaving and the last row in particular is very easy to miss. 

Below are some pictures that I copied from the Schacht Zoom Loom weaving instructions to illustrate the issue. Start weaving in the same corner as the #2, you will be inserting the needle between the first and second pin. For the last line of weaving, you are inserting your needle into a small triangle. This last line is often pretty tight and may take some patience to weave. This is a great place to use your fork as a beater to move the lines of weaving down and give yourself more space to see and weave this last line.

 I hope this helps. But please don't be discouraged, you have just taken the second step into pin loom weaving. 

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