Friday, November 11, 2016

The ultimate prize-winning pin-loomed Mother of Groom outfit

Caroline Fylpaa, designer-weaver of the Prairie Points technique, shares her most recent creation, a prize winning summer outfit worn with great style at her son's wedding.

She reported, "the shell was made with a stripe on the left side front to back, the skirt was made of alternating striped and plain blocks set on point, wool and rayon, rayon mix, stripes were rayon boucle, perfect for a summer wedding and party."

And in addition to winning all our applause for the "Fabulous Hand Designed and Handmade Mother of Groom Outfit of the Year," she took home a two ribbons as well!

Stay tuned, Caroline has promised to send further information on her pattern including how she worked that perfect fit.  I am hoping that she will also give us details about those two ribbons. Congratulations, Caroline!

If you haven't seen Caroline's Prairie Points blanket, check it out here.