Pin Loom Weaving; The Book

In a perfect world you would have the opportunity to browse through the book taking all the time you needed to decide whether or not it appealed to you. This page is intended as the next best thing, an overview of the chapters with pictures of each of the items in Pin Loom Weaving; 40 Projects for Tiny Hand Looms.  And you can take all the time you like browsing through the pictures.


Making Your Own Loom
  • Looms and Other Tools
  • Making Your Own Loom
  • A List of Projects Especially for the Zoom Loom
  • How to Weave on a Pin Loom
  • Weaving Patterns
  • Joining Instructions

Weaving Patterns - illustrations and instructions are included for all the weaving patterns used in the pin loom projects.



Crossbody Bag
• Small Bags
• Flash Drive Holder
• Tablet Case
• Yarn Bag
• Lace Bag
• Weaving Kit
• Crossbody Bag
• Light Shoulder Bag
• Monk's Bags
• Caribbean Shoulder Bag
• Regency-Style Reticule
• Water Bottle holder
• Reversible Hobo Bag

Small Bags, Flash Drive (or cash and chapstick) Holder
Tablet Case - with variations for sizes and side or top opening.
Yarn Bag

Lace Bag
Weaving Kit

Monk's Bag
Small Monk's Bag, Medium Monk's Bag
Caribbean Shoulder Bag
Regency-Style Reticule
Water Bottle Holder
Reversible Hobo Bag



Soft Bowl with Tiny Stuffed Hearts
  • Baby Name Banner
  • Holiday Banners
  • Old-Fashioned Dishcloths
  • Two Pictorial Wall Hangings
  • Tiny Stuffed Heart
  • Soft Bowls
  • Little Bird Chain
  • Cactus in Bloom
  • Ducks and Duckling
  • Loon and Chick

Baby Name Banner - shown with matching Baby Ball
Holiday Banners
Old Fashioned Dishcloths
Two Wall Hangings
Tiny Stuffed Hearts, Little Birds Ornaments, Soft Bowls
Cactus in Bloom
Ducks and Duckling
Loon and Chick

Bonnet, Ducky and Baby Ball to match Sweetheart Blanket


  • Sweetheart Baby Blanket
  • Red Squares Blanket
  • Spring Colors Blanket
  • Blessing Path Toddler Blanket
  • Animals Toddler Blanket
  • Checkerboard Blanket
  • Parcheesi Blanket

Sweetheart Baby Blanket
Red Squares Blanket
Spring Colors Blanket
Blessing Path Toddler Blanket
Animals Toddler Blanket
Checkerboard Blanket
Parcheesi Blanket

Amish Style Doll with Chicken


  • Amish Dolls
  • Horse
  • Sheep
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Mama and Baby Pigs
  • Chicken
  • Cow
  • Barn and House Totes

Woven Dolls with Amish Style Clothes (the Ballet Dancer just sneaked in).

Twig Horse
Cow communing with Sheep
Dogs and Cats
Mama and Baby Pigs with a Chicken
Barn Tote
House Tote
Author sneaking in a cameo and sending her best regards to everyone who loves pin looms! Thank you.


  1. These are all so amazing! I've preordered my copy and I can't wait to get it! Thanks for posting the preview.

  2. Meg they are amazing! Looking forward to getting this book!

  3. These are just simply amazing! I can't wait for my book to come. Because i can't wait to try making some of these things in the book. Those landscape scenes look so intriguing.

  4. As soon as I saw this book on Amazon, I pre-ordered it and have been waiting patiently for it's arrival!! Now that I've seen all the 'cool' projects that you've created, I'm no longer 'waiting patiently'!!! Great job!! :)

  5. I am so glad you like it. Thanks for your enthusiasm, I also can't wait for the book!!

  6. I love your book but was disappointed to see the patterns for different squares are all for 4x4 looms is it possible to convert them for 6x6 looms? Thanks.

  7. That's a great question. It would be absolutely possible to convert the patterns to a 6x6" loom. With some of the patterns that repeat across the whole square, all that is needed is to keep with the same pattern to the end of the line and to extend it to the end of the square. With other patterns it would be necessary to sit down and figure out how to add patterning to the beginning and ends of the line in order to turn the 4" pattern into a 6" pattern.

    There is also a very complete book of pin loom patterns by Licia Conforti called Patterns for the Weavette and Weave-it Looms. Ms. Conforti has drafted the pin loom patterns for 2", 4" and 6" looms. I think there is also patterns for 4x6" looms.

  8. I've enjoyed looking through your book, but unfortunately have yet to make any projects since I need to make some looms.

    On that note, I was wondering if you would consider putting the recommended wood and pin materials for the book's loom instructions somewhere on your website so that people who may have forgotten to bring the book along could look it up at the store, now that smartphones are so ubiquitous.

  9. Hello, Thank you for writing the pin loom book. Was trying to repair mine . Coundnt find the music wire around here, but noticed a small tapestry needle worked fine to replace a missing pin.
    Tried to draw out on graph paper the instructions for weaving the heart and come up with some "warps" being up for 6+ wefts. Wonder what am doing wrong, may just try weaving it when done with current project. Thank you Lynn

    1. Lynn, I'm glad to hear that you were able to repair your loom. A tapestry needle is a great idea, and it already has a rounded off end. You're right, the pattern warp shouldn't go more than 3 weft lengths. Give it a try, feel free to write if you continue to have problems. (My email is at the bottom right hand side of the front page.) Meg

  10. I would love to use my 4" loom & create Christmas stockings for my grandchildren. Has anyone done this & would you share a pattern. I want REALLY LARGE stockings! I just need help with the "foot" of the stocking.

    1. Lisa, I love your idea and have made some sketches. I think that the easiest way to get a turned heel is by joining the squares on the digonal. If you write me at my email address (its at the bottom right of the Home page, I'll send you a sketch. I'm thinking that we may have to do some sort of collaborative blog item on Christmas stockings. :-)

  11. Thank-you so much for posting this! I was wondering whether to buy the book, after seeing some negative comments about the projects on Amazon. You've done us all a great service.


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