Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pin Loom Christmas II

Here's a couple more Christmas ideas-- scalable snowflake squares to use for coasters, place mats or a winter throw... plus poinsettias!

Idea #3  Make a snowflake square, then make a bunch more snowflake squares, then turn them into very cool presents. 

These are 4" pin loom squares embellished with snowflake patterns in white yarn.  The top square has a single crochet edge, the bottom square was supposed to have a more "icicle" look.

Here are the directions to crochet the bottom square's icicle edge: There should be one icicle point in each of the double loops. In the first loop, chain 3, sc2 back down the chain, then in the second loop, sc1. Repeat all the way around the square. 

Either style makes a great coaster.  Weave four squares, embellish with four snowflake patterns and you've got a pretty nice hostess gift (or add a bottle of wine for a great hostess gift.) Snowflake patterns are easy to make up or find online.

Or scale it up, turn 12 squares with a variety of snowflake patterns into a winter themed place mat. Make a table runner that is just the right size for your table. Keep in mind that the single crochet edge makes a very pretty join, just whip stitch the squares together.

Make a set of place mats or just keep going and make a cozy winter blanket as a gift for yourself  or someone you really care about (I mean, come on, its going to take a lot of squares).  I would suggest only embellishing a few of the squares so that it doesn't get too busy. Consider using a number of different shades of blue for the larger project to add more depth/texture to the design. 

 Idea #4  Make a pin loom poinsettia as a Christmas pin or to embellish a gift, make a whole bunch of pin loom poinsettias and decorate a tree!

This is a pulled thread pin loom flower, also known as a Loom Bloom, originated by Jana Trent of fame. It is made with two 4" x 4" squares.

Make the bloom by finding a thread right in the middle of the square and pulling on it to cause the square to pucker in. Then pull on the other thread (you're pulling on one horizontal and one vertical thread) to create four petals. Do the same to the second square and stack the two squares to make a multiple petal flower.

Add a bunch of french knots in yellow and light green to create a poinsettia like look. This sample flower has a 4" green square, folded diagonally, attached to the bottom.

My plan for this sample flower, and the other seven that I'm going to make, is to turn them into holiday napkin rings. The two points of the green square will be joined to make the napkin ring. The cool thing is that people at the dinner can take the flowers home with them, which is really fun.

There is no end to the fun things that can be done with the flower. We've all got a hat or a purse somewhere that could use a little Christmas cheer.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pin Loom Christmas

Christmas and other, equally challenging gift giving holidays, are going to be here before we know it. I've been thinking about a number of small, thoughtful gifts I could make but its already clear that I am going to run out of time before the samples are all woven and finished. So instead of putting it off for another year, I am going to list the ideas in the next several posts, using older, finished samples or drawings so that I can share the ideas with you.

Idea #1 Make a woven gift bag that could end up being just as treasured as the gift itself. 

Make a bag in sparkly reds and greens or make it in the recipient's favorite colors. The simplest bag is two 4" x 4" squares, joined together. This sample was made with two squares, each with a single crochet edge in the same color as the square with a contrasting color used to whip stitch them together. The top has a double crochet edge with yarn threaded through for a tie. Here is the pattern for the little heart sewn into the bag. You could just as easily add a little Christmas tree or, as you will see in the next post, a snowflake.

Idea #2 Make a Pin Loom Christmas tree for the holidays. 

Foam cones are available everywhere, they make a fun and easy decorative touch for the holidays. Wrap a foam cone in 4" squares, using colored pins as embellishments. You could add on chains, charms and all sorts of extra decorations. Wrap some smaller cones in yarn to make an entire fiber forest!

Don't forget to check on past posts for ideas on Advent calendars, wash clothes and other heartfelt woven gifts.