Monday, August 18, 2014

Pin loom weaving in the round (with a dash of knitting)

One of the side effects of getting to correspond with other weavers due to the Woolery blog post is that I get to learn about some of the new forms or weaving appearing in the pin loom universe. Christine Thresh is a weaver, quilter, spinner, knitter and all around creative person who introduced me to her open ended pin loom approach.

Here is Christine's pin loom surface, pins secured to a backing in order to make the exact size and shape she is looking for. And the Mochi Rainbow yarn is incredible.

The next step is what blows me away. Christine simply takes up the looped selvage and transfers it to her circular knitting needles. Now she can finish the item, in this case a beret, and the weaving becomes immediately wearable.

Below is another example of finishing techniques with a woven knitted beret, dampening the weaving and stretching/blocking with a dinner plate.  This also shows off the clever transition from weaving to knitting. Christine pointed out that transitioning to crochet (for people like me who don't know how to knit and are too stubborn to learn) would work very well, too.

This is just an admiring glance at Christine Thresh's weaving techniques. To learn more, check out her website, Winnowings and look for the free downloadable PDF on pin loom weaving in the round.

While you are there, please take a look at the book behind her incredible techniques, Knitter's Weaving Book.

Christine describes, "For those of you who love running fibers through your fingers -- knitters and spinners -- this book gives you a simple way to expand your pleasure. Weaving on a light-weight, portable loom-board fits right in with your tactile delights. You can combine your woven pieces with your knitting. Imagine a stretchy soft cuff knitted right on to your woven jacket sleeve, or a woven vest with a knitted back."

Thank you Christine, for sharing yet another approach to pin loom weaving.


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    1. Sue, thanks for checking that out. Appears that we've bought up all the copies of the book. I believe that the free PDF on adding knitting to the pin loom pattern is still available. MS


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