Sunday, August 31, 2014

We have a winner!

Wendell W. of Kennesaw, GA is the August winner.

I have to say, I am close to astounded that I won the vintage pin loom!!  I could count on less than one hand , I think,  the number of things I have won on my 75 years.

I'm pretty sure it was while living in the Dallas TX area in the mid 70's that I purchased my first pin loom - a Weave-It.  (At that time I was becoming involved in rigid heddle and later 4 shaft weaving.) Since then I have acquired a few others -- new, used, wood, plastic.  Pin weaving is such a fulfilling activity.  Easy to do and keep at hand or travel with and not particular about the yarn it will accommodate.  I have woven many hundreds of squares and other shapes on 2", 4" and rectangular looms.

Are you signed up to win the Pin Loom Giveaways coming up at the end of each month? 

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  1. I just acquired my copy of your new book, have only had time to look at it once, it looks pretty good. Lots of useful stuff in there.


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