Monday, February 15, 2016

Classes at Convergence

This is the year of Convergence, happening this summer from July 30 to August 6, 2016, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am going to be teaching three courses on pin loom weaving! Yes, I am very excited.

I am doing an introductory course for people who have not woven on pin looms at all. I am doing two courses for pin loom fans that will be all about weaving and constructing objects that can be completed during the class: sheep, owls, and cats.  Check out all the details on the Pin Loom Classes page. 

Click this link for the main Convergence page to go to the official website for registration. Because Convergence only happens every two years, class openings can go fast, so check it out. 

We will be weaving an Owl and Pussycat with plans for a Pea-Green Boat.

You can weave a pasture full of sheep. You can weave a sample sheep for each sample fleece!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Crispina ffrench weaves with a REALLY BIG Pin Loom

As pin loom addicts, I mean fans, many of us began our weaving journey as kids, playing with that most humble of hand looms, the potholder loom.  I have long considered the potholder loom to be a great potential pin loom and recently discovered a way to pin loom weave on it (but that's another story).

What I never considered asking myself was "What would a potholder loom be like if it was really, really large?"

Luckily for all of us, Crispina ffrench has asked and answered this question, sharing a vision of potholder loomed rugs made from upcycled materials and marvelous design. Crispina introduces herself as a  recycled textile artist, author, teacher – creator of many things. She shares her work and inspiration at

Tired of using teensy little pin looms? Go to the EVENTS page to find out about Crispina's planned workshops including an opportunity to make your own potholder rug.

Here is a closeup of a potholder rung under construction. I would be interested to learn what they use to beat in the space between the weft rows, maybe they're just using their fingers.

As brilliant as these random colored weaves are, I was especially drawn to to the rugs that emphasize one color. What fun to think about searching out all of the gold or red cast off clothing one can find!

Many thanks to Crispina for sharing her vision.