Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Zebra's a STAR!

The Sept.-Oct. issue of Handwoven is now out and features an article on the Pin Loom Zebra.
Check out the dazzling article at A Dazzle of Zebras.

Zebra recently returned home from the Handwoven magazine shoot and may have gotten a big head over the article.  I mean, sunglasses?  Check out the series of companion animal weaving patterns called Pin Loom Primitives now available through the Pin Loom Weaving Shop.

Free Pin Loom Rabbit Pattern

Update: This free pattern is now located in the Pin Loom Pattern Shop.

This is a new pattern based in part on the approach of using one square to make rabbit ears, head and body. This rabbit is made with a 4 x 4" square for the body plus several 2 x 2" squares for the front and back feet. This is a free pattern just in time to add a few bunnies to an Easter basket. This is a fun pattern to make and may explain why there are so many rabbits running around.

The rabbit pattern has just been updated to include a fun, easy pattern for a little carrot to go with the little rabbit. Click HERE or click on the Pin Loom Pattern Shop page to download the free PDF instruction sheet for rabbit and carrot.