Friday, January 8, 2016

Pin Loom Weaving from Egypt

Pin looms may have been an American invention, but they have spread around the world. It is so fun to see the numbers of people who check in on from the UK, Canada, Ukraine, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, India and lots more.

I had an opportunity to correspond with Calvin, a pin loom weaver from Cairo, Egypt. Calvin was kind enough to send along some pictures of his gorgeous weaving.

Calvin writes, "I make all kinds of things: scarves, sweaters, hats, etc. And even blankets or Afghans when the mood fits. As for the scarf, it looks like something home made and not turned out from a machine which I like. The pattern is diagonal weave which I use exclusively for all items. I picked the diagonal because of the pattern itself and that the finished fabric is softer than all the others."

"I have unusual patterns of my own which I use now and then. Using two colors makes for an interesting weave: use one color for loading the loom and the other to weave the pattern to finish." I do hope that we can get pictures of more of Calvin's work in the future.  Thanks so much for sharing.

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