Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Year of the Pin Loom Tiger

 Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year - it's now the Year of the Tiger! I am celebrating by highlighting one of my favorite pin loom animals, the sleek, stately tiger. 

If you have a friend who needs a special, heartening gift, make them a pin loom tiger. Tigers are strong, courageous and independent and sometimes we need to be reminded of those qualities in ourselves. 

There are two tigers in my book, Adorable Beasts. This is Melvin, who has the fierce eye of an apex predator. 

In addition to this woven beast, I am also sharing a picture of the predator that shares our home, our cat, Cheeto.  She got that name because when we first got her she was very small and very orange. 

Happy Year of the Tiger New Year!

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