Sunday, November 17, 2019

Weave a pin loom caddy tray... or it may be a cat bed.

While I love making blankets, dragons and other animals, sometimes pin loom weaving is the perfect answer to a mundane question, such as, "what the heck am I going to do with all these remotes?" They litter the living room and I can never put my hand on the one that I actually need at the moment. I also wanted a container that wasn't loud.

Of course, this isn't ALL the remotes we have, I think the total number is around six or seven, but I decided to make an easy to grab caddy for the ones that I use constantly.

It was made using a rough textured brown worsted weight yarn with an insert of light blue worsted weight. I used a 4" x 8" pin loom to make the longer pieces, it could be made just as easily just using 4" x 4" pieces joined together.

The dimensions are about 8" x 4" x 2". The edge pieces were folded in half to create the 2" sides. I had some fleece left over from another project, so I used a couple layers of fleece inside the squares to provide some padding. You could also use quilt padding. The bottom two pieces were sandwiched together with two layers of fleece inside and joined using single crochet around the edge. The sides were folded in half, insert the fleece, then single crocheted around the three open sides. All the pieces were joined together using a whip stitch.
While this worked wonderfully to provide me with the exact size remote caddy that I needed, keep in mind that you can change the dimensions so that it will work just as well for whatever you might need to corral in your living room or bedroom-- using the colors that appeal to you.  Happy weaving!


  1. Which 4x8 loom did you use? And which yarn?

    1. I used a custom made 4" x 8" loom, same pin groupings as the normal 4" x 4", but twice as long. You can get the same results with two 4"x 4" squares joined together. The yarn was an acrylic, I found a big spool of it at a thrift shop. It is a worsted weight and looks like something that might have been used for upholstry.


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