Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A new book - Pin Loom Weaving To Go

So here it is, coming out this month, a new book of pin loom projects and techniques. I am extremely excited (and a little scared) to see it go out. Its like sending your youngest child off to school.

My original idea for this book was that pin looms can offer a fun, first step into fiber arts. So I included a number of beginner-type projects that would work for younger weavers or groups of kids or adults who are just beginning to weave. I included a simple to make 2" loom pattern so that kids could learn to both make and weave on a loom.

But then I started thinking about how so many of us had our first weaving experience on a potholder loom and how cool it would be if we could turn all the potholder looms into pin looms. So I wrote a section on weaving in the pin loom fashion on a potholder loom. You use a potholder loom and a hook, I suggest using an afghan hook, and the directions teach how to weave a big square with finished edges so there is no need to finish with a crocheted edge when you pull it off the loom. There are also a number of projects, including scarves and shawls, to make on a potholder loom.

But then I started thinking that if you could pin loom weave on a potholder loom, maybe you could pin loom weave on other available looms. After some experimentation I found that the 7" fine gauge adjustable knitting loom could be used as a pin loom to make an incredible variety of pin loomed fabrics. Techniques and projects for weaving on the knitting loom are also included in the book.

These log cabin style pieces were woven on the knitting loom, the 2" pieces in the middle were woven on a 2" pin loom.

And then I remembered a pin loom friend, Marilyn Wing, who has been pin loom weaving since 1936 and long ago perfected a continuous warp, bias weave on the pin loom. She was kind enough to permit me to share her directions for weaving on the bias on a zoom loom/pin loom as well as allowing us to all share in her wonderful quilted look bag pattern.

By that time I had thought up a bunch of cool patterns for the 4" pin loom/Zoom Loom that I just couldn't leave out of the book. One of my favorites is the "Blooming Backpack" that appears on the cover. Another favorite is the Zoom Loom Blue Shawl shown below.

This is just a few of the 30 or so projects. It is my hope that people, including kids and fiber groups, will find at least some of the items in the book to be helpful and fun for them. Margaret (Meg) Stump


  1. The book is another winner. Love the knitting looms used as pin looms.

    1. Thank you so much. I have a favor to ask of anyone who has bought the book. If you like it or if you DON'T like it, please consider leaving a review. I would prefer that everyone who decides to buy the book feels good about their decision. An honest review helps people choose whether or not to buy a book and therefor it reduces the number of people who would regret buying it. Give future readers your opinion about what works or doesn't work in the book. Thanks.

  2. I got my copy yesterday and did a skim through. I saw so many projects I want to do! I have your other pin loom book as well.

    So I need to make some time to sit down with a cup of tea and go through this book slowly to take it all in.

  3. That is one of the great things about pin loom weaving, you don't need enormous amounts of time, you can do a little bit at a time. This book would never have come about except that I love to weave squares while I watch TV.

  4. I wrote a review of your book, Meg. Hope it helps.


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