Monday, April 6, 2020

Make your own vintage pin loom doll blanket

Staying at home has encouraged me to go through old boxes including some left behind by my daughter. I found a number of dolls and lots of doll clothes plus two now vintage doll blankets. While most of the dolls and accessories will be going to charity (with daughter's blessing) the pin loom doll blankets will definitely stay.

For me, the blankets express the sum of the story of bringing up this child. I can still see her as a two year old with a top knot of flyaway blond hair looking a little like the Whoville girl. And I can see her on Facetime as the joyful, competent woman she has become.

Doll blanket made in a Sunshine & Shadow pattern, each 2" square finished with single crochet and whip stitched together. Two rows of single crochet around blanket. 

If you have any tiny scraps of yarn, you have the beginnings of your own vintage doll blanket. If you have made any projects where some of the squares just didn't work, you may have your doll blanket half completed. Keep in mind that the "vintage" part is only a matter of time.

Looking for a project to take your mind off the present? Make something that evokes the past.

Doll blanket made with 4x4" squares, each finished with single crochet and whip stitched together.

Be well, keep weaving. 

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