Thursday, February 20, 2020

Pin Loom Patches save the day

I think its safe to say that we live in a post-patching, post-darning world. There seems to be little point in conserving clothing when it is so easy to end up with way too many outfits.

My red knit mittens are an exception to that rule. I live a cold country and good mittens are important to have and hard to find. Pin loom patches have made it possible for me to wear these perfect and almost irreplaceable mittens for several years longer than expected.

I am now rockin' three patches on the right mitten and two on the left, secure in the knowledge that I can continue to weave as many patches as needed to keep my hands toasty. 

I have been thinking about starting to add 4 x4" pin loom woven patches to a few sweaters, just for fun, but haven't had the time to work on pin loom squares for embellishment.

If you have added patches to anything- out of need or for adornment, send me a picture to add to this post. My email is at the bottom of the right hand column. 

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