Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Weave a Christmas Tree Pin

Here is a fun, tiny ornament that can be created in a snap and work as a Christmas brooch or wherever you need a bit of embellishment. The sweet secret is just how easy it is to make a gorgeous woven pin using a few beads, a yard or two of fancy yarn and a 2"x 2" pin loom.

The Christmas Tree Pin calls for two 2"x 2" squares, a light colored backing square and a green square for the body of the tree. Use some brown yarn to add a tree trunk to the backing square. Fold the green square under to create a tree shape and add your choice of beads for ornaments. I used a small, star shaped button for the treetop star. Lay the tree piece on top of the backing square and join with a whip stitch in green along the outside of the pin shape. 

After I finished embellishing the tree and joined the two pieces, I felt that the pin looked too wide and flat. So I bent the two edges around in order to make a slightly three dimensional tree shape. You can see the way the pin looks from the back in the picture below. The final step is to add a pin, either a big safety pin or a craft-type brooch pin, to the back of the Christmas Tree Pin. 

I have a few dinners still coming up this season and these pins will be going as part of the hostess gift, either attached to a card or a bottle of wine. I'm going to keep my favorite to wear on a winter jacket... so I have a gift, too!

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