Thursday, December 12, 2019

Pin Loom Mini Sweater Day deadline is December 17!

Have you sent your pin loom mini sweater picture to Florencia Campos Correa yet?

December 19, 2019 is MINI SWEATER Pin Loom Day, a day to celebrate all the possible pin loom mini sweaters that we can weave up.

Send a picture of your mini sweater to Florencia at by December 17 to include it in the giant pin loom mini sweater picture.

See all the directions for making a mini sweater in the post just below this one. 

After I wove a mini sweater I decided that I had to create someone who could wear it. Introducing - Shama Llama!

Shama Llama is my new pin loom llama. She seems to have a life of her own and immediately upon being created told me that she intends to be a fashion model. I think she has a real flair for it. :)

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