Friday, April 1, 2016

Pin looms love Crispina Ffrench blankets

I am posting these images primarily as a feast for the eyes. These are all Crispina Ffrench designed blankets, made from upcycled, felted wool sweaters. Don't forget to visit her website at 

Considering that most of the people who look at this blog have lovely little looms, capable of producing perfect 4" or 2" squares of cloth, an alternate method of celebrating these lovely patterns comes to mind.  It looks likes Ms. Ffrench has used 3" squares of felted cloth... which might work perfectly if one were to weave in wool and then felt the 4" squares. Beautiful.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing these lovely quilts and the wonderful idea!

  2. I like these blankets a lot, but I think maybe combining our little woven squares with the recycling of sweaters might be nice too. I have a ton of old sweaters that I never wear, combined with some pretty 4 inch weavies in a variegated yarn and it might be even more interesting.

    1. What a great point, this isn't an either/or process, pin looms can lend an extra dimension to the work. Thanks!


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