Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Amish Bars pin loom blanket

Winter is a great time to work on really big pin loom projects. After months of weaving the separate squares there comes a point where the project needs to be assembled. What better time than when the days are short and it feels great to hold a lap full of blanket?

This is one my favorite Amish quilt design patterns. I believe that the Amish quilt is one of the preeminent gifts of American crafts and design. I have been able to reflect this design style into a number of woven blankets. These blankets are not quilted, but like all pin loom work, they are pieced.

 The Amish Bars pattern calls for a few colors with large swathes of black running through it. In order to express the original color variation brought about through the use of a variety of pieced cloth, I purposefully changed colors several places.  This also adds some tension to the design, keeping it from being too rigid.

The Amish Bars blanket in the sample shown here was constructed with 120 - 4" x 4" squares and 64 - 4" x 6" rectangles. Each square and rectangle was finished with a single crochet edge and the pieces were joined with a whip stitch.

Squares needed to complete this blanket:

(80) 4" x 4" square - charcoal or black
(24) 4" x 6" rectangle - charcoal or black

(32) 4" x 4" square - green
(4) 4" x 4" square - alternative green
(8) 4" x 6" rectangle - green
(2) 4" x 6" rectangle - alternative green

(4) 4" x 4" square - red
(20) 4" x 6" rectangle - red
(10) 4" x 6" square - alternative red

Yardage requirements for weavies with single crochet edge and yarn for joining:
Black or charcoal yarn - 1160 yds.
Green yarn  - 440 yds.
Alternative green yarn - 70 yds.
Red yarn - 340 yds.
Alternative red yarn - 150 yds.

You can find the yardage requirement for most of the popular pin looms on the Pin Loom Essentials page.

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