Saturday, March 8, 2014

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

My original title for this article was "DON'T MAKE THIS" but I have made too many goofy things myself to be lecturing anyone else on what they should or shouldn't weave.

On the other hand, tastes do change over time and while these patterns may have seemed like a good idea when they were published, I don't believe that time has been kind to them.

For example, was there ever a good time to wear a woven bathing suit? I'm thinking not. This was one of two suits introduced in the very first book of Weave-It patterns in 1936.

If you are curious about what the other swimsuit looks like, or you want to copy out the directions so that you can whip something up for this summer, you can see a copy of the entire Weave-It Book at Eloomanation.

The embarrassing aspect of the next entries is that I remember people (me, my friends) wearing fashions like these with great enthusiasm. I don't remember why, maybe it was the drugs.

There is very little excuse for these outfits. The colors are weird, they don't drape well and the multiple rows of crochet between each square takes away from the woven squares that they were supposed to be promoting. (I'm pretty sure that I had a dress just like the one on the lower right and thought it was incredibly cool. We called it a maxi-dress.)

There may be someone reading this today who finds these fashions to be just right. Which goes to show that every style has its day. My personal fashion rule is, "If you wore these fashions the first time, you don't have to do it again."

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