Thursday, October 17, 2013

Alpacas from alpaca fiber

I have a friend heading to a very important Alpaca gathering and auction who requested a little stuffed alpaca woven, of course, in alpaca wool. Since she was kind enough to share wool from two of her favorite animals, I had to make to little alpacas.

Here they are-- looking pretty happy, but skinny and sheared.  I added the boas on the basis that they looked a little cold.  While it might seem odd to dress up an animal, (though obviously we dress up toy animals all the time) my impression is that the actual alpaca is so wondrously goofy looking that they often end up wearing sunglasses or a hat.

Case in point  - - - >

I want to send special thanks to Bonnie Betts and Alpaca Reflections in Southern MN for the opportunity to weave with this incredible, soft fiber. I love the fact that pin looms are so small and economic that it is possible to use all sorts of exquisite yarns and fibers without blowing the budget or wasting a lot of lovely yarn.

More animals and an ark still to come.

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