Sunday, May 10, 2020

A Pin Loom Scarf with woven tape and a unique join

A Mother's Day pin loom scarf for all seasons with a rich woven texture and woven tape ties to lighten the look and feel.

After completing the tape woven place mats and experimenting with another combination of tape and yarn, I decided to keep weaving these lovely squares, 25 in all, and turn them into a scarf. 

The squares turned out to be of a medium weight and I did not want to add what could be a stiff, tight join between them.  I spaced out the join by using a 10 mm knitting needle, looping the join around it. Deciding that I wanted something still more frivolous, I then added ties to the joins, bundling the joins into groups of two or three and simply tying them with short lengths of the tape.

Because of its length (113 inches) I decided to close the loop and create an endless scarf. That keeps it from dragging on the ground and makes it easier to loop around neck and shoulders. 
The top image shows a section of loops before tying them with the tape. 

Diagram for scarf join using whip stitched loops and ties.

I am constantly amazed by the variety of ways that you can weave on a pin loom. While I have really enjoyed being able to weave consistent squares using a single source of yarn, there are amazing riches to be found in experimenting with a variety of fibers. 


  1. I pinloomed a square with ribbon yarn today and would not have believed it was possible. It turned out quite pretty and wasn't difficult at all. Your creativity is inspiring.

    1. Thank you! One further thing, you might notice that I used ribbon/tape yarn in both this and the previous post on making place mats. With the rather thick woven tape used in the place mat, I laid it down first. However with this scarf, after experimenting with putting the tape down first, I finally ended up laying down the regular yarn and weaving the tape in last.

      I know this is not a big deal, that it can work every which way, but it is really important to me that the weaving be fun and easy (as well as lovely) and sometimes its worth some experimenting to make it as easy and fun as possible.

  2. Your scarf is lovely. I am concerned that mine would be a little stiff for a scarf, but I love the way you joined yours. The fringe looks great!!
    Now, I am looking forward to making placemats. You are right. These squares are the perfect weight for placemats.


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