Friday, November 29, 2019

Mini Sweater Pin Loom Day 2019

Florencia Campos Correa had a WONDERFUL idea which she was willing to share with me and I want to share with everyone I know... since pretty much everyone I know has at least one pin loom. So we are declaring December 19, 2019 to be MINI SWEATER Pin Loom Day, a day to celebrate all the possible pin loom mini sweaters that we can weave up. 

All of the directions for making and sharing your mini sweaters are below, courtesy of Florencia. You'll be sending a picture of each sweater to to be added to the massive picture of all the mini sweaters to be published on December 19th. 

Florencia's sample sweaters are so neat that now I want to have a bunch of mini sweaters for my Christmas tree. I know that I am only going to get a few done this year, but if I keep it up, in the next few years my tree decorations may all be mini sweaters. 

Join in! Send in your ideas for a great pin loom mini sweater and we will all celebrate a very happy Mini Sweater Pin Loom Day this December 19th!

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  1. What a great idea! I needed a fun reason to dig out my Zoom loom and play. Hope it is where I think it is....


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